Admission, Policies & Graduation


  • Students must present a copy of a high school diploma or G.E.D. Certificate
  • Ability to read, comprehend and write in the English language
  • Certificate of completion for the radiology exam (Accelerated Applicants Only)
  • General knowledge of oral anatomy (Accelerated Applicants Only)

Prior to the first class, all students must provide a medical record to the School indicating that the student has started and / or completed the hepatitis B series.

The director will determine whether the above requirements are satisfied in an interview with each applicant.


  • Behave in a professional manner
  • Attend classes / clinic sessions without tardiness
  • Make tuition payments as outlined in the Enrollment Agreement
  • Complete independent homework and be prepared for the next class
  • Comply with our drug-free and smoke-free environment
  • No cell phones during class


  • Due to the concentrated content of each class, attendance at each week’s class is required. In the event the student is absent, the student must attend a makeup session at the rate of $45 per hour.
  • GHOATA will be closed for all legal holidays. Classes will be rescheduled for a different day that week.

Students who do not comply with the expectations above may be dismissed from the program


  • Continued absences (Two in one program session)
  • Disruptive or unlawful behavior
  • Not meeting financial obligation
  • Failing to maintain a 75% G.P.A. throughout the course

If student is terminated for any of the above reasons, a refund will be provided as stated on page one of the Enrollment Agreement.



  • The program will consist of classroom lecture as well as hands-on training

  • The classroom environment will consist of:
    Explanation and discussion of the textbook provided
    Tests on the material
    Independent homework to be prepared for the next class

  • The practical portion of the program will consist of:
    Hands-on demonstrations and practice on typodonts
    Hands-on demonstrations and practice on actual patients
    Practical Tests in the operatory


A student must achieve a grade of 75% or higher on written examinations. The lowest examination grade will be dropped when determining the student’s overall program G.P.A.


Each student will receive an “OPERATORY SKILL TEST SHEET.” This list will consist of all the clinical procedures the student will need to perform.

The students will receive an allocated point value designated to each procedure providing the task is proficiently completed. Students will have three opportunities to demonstrate each procedure or the student will receive a zero for that task.

The student must pass the operatory skill sheet with a 75% or higher.

In order to graduate from the program, and receive a certificate, the student must successfully:

  1. Complete the classroom portion of the program with a 75% grade or higher
  2. Complete the “Operatory Skill Test Sheet” with a 75% grade or higher
  3. Meet all attendance and tuition requirements
  4. Return to GHOATA all typodonts and instruments provided for home practice
  5. Complete a 4 hour externship in an orthodontic office

The student will not be issued the Certificate of Completion until the above requirements have been met.

GHOATA does not guarantee the employment of any student upon completion of this course.

Students may request a copy of their transcript.

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